Solar Tracker is a device, which allows to increase effectiveness of solar energy capture even by 60%. It is a follow-up system equipped with innovative solutions, which allow it optimally position itself towards sun even on a cloudy day. The equipment does not require any manning and is energy-saving, simple, aesthetic and robust.

Comparison graph of power generation (hours)

Comparison graph of power generation (months)


Examples of use:

  • single family houses
  • gardens
  • holiday cottages
  • camping grounds
  • yachts
  • greenhouses
  • production of hot domestic water
  • billboards
  • emergency power supply systems
  • environment monitoring systems

If you appreciate independence and do not want to rely on external power suppliers, who aren’t always reliable, and your freezer is full of summer and autumn fruits allowing you to enjoy their fresh taste in the winter time.

If you are looking for savings and “variable charges” item on your electricity bill makes you angry.

If you love the Earth and the Sun and with to live in harmony with them, taking something from them and offering something in return.


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