Solar Tracker is a device, which allows to increase effectiveness of solar energy capture even by 60%. It is a follow-up system equipped with innovative solutions, which allow it optimally position itself towards sun even on a cloudy day. The equipment does not require any manning and is energy-saving, simple, aesthetic and robust.

Comparison graph of power generation (hours)

Comparison graph of power generation (months)


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All products marketed by SOLAR TRACKER POLSKA are either made entirely by us or made of top quality vendor parts checked and approved by the Company owner.

They are reliable and executed with great care because they are intended to work for years contrary to the today’s philosophy of “sustainable use”.

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Complicated design is something unacceptable for good designer.

The more complications the more difficulties. Therefore, our products have simple design and are easy to use. We do not want our products to be mysterious or difficult to understand. We want them to serve the Customers well and for a very long time.

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