Solar Tracker DSO-2000

Solar tracker is a device, which enables photovoltaic and thermal systems to actually track the most intensive sunlight, and not, like in case of GPS system, follow its anticipated intensity.

What are the benefits?

It yields even up-to 60% more solar energy than in case of stationary equipment.

How does the solar tracker work?

Solar tracker uses the developed differential system and, therefore, it is able to find optimum position even on a very cloudy sky.


Solar tracker is fully automated and does not require any manning. Two cylinders used to position the solar tracker consume 1 kWh power per year and are supplied with DC from the battery pack with rated voltage of 24V. Innovative solution of this system is that the Sun is followed in two planes within a wide range of rotation angles. Rotation angle in E-W and N-S direction amounts up-to 140° and 80°, respectively. At night time the solar tracker awaits sunrise in a horizontal position.

The equipment is robust and easy to assemble. Complete control electronics are arranged inside of an air-tight plastic box. Special bearings guarantee smooth system operation. Metal parts are provided with powder painted or cataphoretic coating. The equipment is made in such a manner and of such materials that it is resistant to weather conditions (e.g. wind blows or accumulated snow). Thanks to dismantling into smaller units it is easy to handle and assemble.

The solar tracker is adapted to mount four photovoltaic modules with total power of 3.0kWp.

It is the most recent product marketed by Solar Tracker Polska based on in-house design developed by Gwalbert Stefański, the company owner.


Technical parameters

Consumption of electric power 2 kWh/year
Number of rotation axes 2
Maximum rotation angle (East-West) 140°
Maximum rotation angle (North-South) 80°
Maximum dimensions of single panel 999 mm x 1670 mm
Number of panels 8
Maximum weight of single panel 30 kg
Power supply to cylinders 13,6 V
Power consumption 50 W
Materials steel ST-3
Protection against corrosion galvanized construction
Bearings 8 bearings UCPA P204
Weight of DSO-2000 250 kg
Height from ground level to panel top 365 cm
Framework dimensions 410 x 300 cm (width, height)
Values of climate-related loads PN-80/B-02010/Az2006
Expected lifetime 20 years
Operating temperature -15° to 65°
Height of leg above head level 200 cm
Foundation, anchoring it requires a base dimensions:
1,5 m x 2,0 m x 2.0 m (height, length, width)
Follow-up & differential system unmanned, fully automatic operation
Wind sensor values: 27/30/37/42 km/h
Fixing to foundation template of 10 M20 screws